Thursday, September 8, 2011

European Court of Justice Ruled on Sept. 6, 2011:

Honey which has been contaminated with pollen from GMOs cannot be marketed as such, it needs prior approval. The European Court of Justice ruled that any food products which contain GMOs – intentional or not – have to undergo an approval process.
Beekeeper Karl Heinz Bablok from Bavaria had sued the state of Bavaria for damages, when in 2005 DNA traces and proteins of genetically modified maize MON-810 were found in his honey. The state of Bavaria grew genetically modified maize MON-810 for research purposes in 500 yards distance from Mr. Bablok’s beehives.
With this decision, the European Court of Justice considers honey cross-contaminated with pollen from GMOs to be a genetically modified food in the sense of European genetic engineering law.
Advocate General Bot had already expressed in February 2011, that even a minute trace of pollen from MON 810 maize in honey – though unintentional - would mean ‘that such honey must be the subject of authorization to be placed on the market’.

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