Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes, indeed!  The City of Lisle – where our company is located at – audited our business and awarded us with their ‘Green by Choice - Sustainable Lisle Business’ award.

Most of our operations are sustainable, and most certainly are all of our products, which, as most of you know, are entirely organic.

These are some of the things we do to save (some) of our planet’s resources and energy:

We recycle significantly
We buy things in bulk as much as possible
We buy local as much as possible
We use energy saving bulbs
We turn lights off when not in use
We use low flow faucets and toilets
We (often) use tree free paper (made of sugarcane fiber)
We print only when necessary
We use reusable mugs, glasses, plates, napkins
We use green cleaning products where allowed
We use biodegradable/dissolvable packaging peanuts

Not only that - also our marketing efforts and direct ordering processes are geared towards saving our natural resources, as we essentially use electronic media.

Besides all of our green business processes and policies, we participate in a number of Green Fests across the country every year.

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