Friday, September 9, 2011


Carrots are vegetables that provide a variety of nutrition to our bodies. They are known to be good sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin K, biotin, fiber, calcium, potassium and thiamine.
Carrots can grow throughout the year, in almost all seasons. Most adults and children like carrots, second after potatoes.  Here are the most common health benefits of carrots:
1.    Prevent Cancer
Studies show that consumption of carrots can reduce the risk of cancer, in particular breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.
2.    Improve Vision
Since carrots are very rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A is good for the eyes, they also improve the eyesight. A deficiency in vitamin A can cause night blindness.
3.    Prevent strokes and heart diseases
Many studies show that regular consumption of carrots reduces the risks of heart related diseases and strokes. Eating carrots frequently reduces blood cholesterol levels. These effects are mainly due to their high levels of carotenoids and soluble fiber.
4.    Nourish Skin
Carrot oil is known to be good for dry skin, as it makes the skin softer and firmer. Carrots have also cleansing effects on the liver, which in turn cleanses the skin from impurities caused by liver toxins.
5.     Help in Anti-aging
The beta-carotene in carrots functions as an antioxidant which helps in fighting cell damage in the body, and also aides in slowing down the aging of cells.
6.       Dental Health
Carrots can even function as natural abrasives, keeping teeth clean after a meal and they also stimulate gums.
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