Friday, March 16, 2012

Alarming Report: Monsanto's Herbicide ‘Roundup’ Believed To Be Danger For Global Food Supply

According to a new research report, published in the journal Current Microbiology, the active ingredient glyphosate in Monsanto's infamous herbicide ‘Roundup’ is altering and destroying the micro biodiversity of the soil – thereby threatening the sustainability of the globe’s food supply. It compromises the health of the soil, on which all life depends.

More and more scientific evidence shows that glyphosate not only biodegrades slowly, but also goes down through the topsoil and accumulates in the groundwater, which is our source for drinking water. Glyphosate is also found in almost all air and rain samples collected in the US.
Microorganisms are known to be essential for the health of raw and fermented foods. But they are actually responsible for much more than that:  “Microorganisms participate quite literally at the root of the nitrogen, phosphate, oxygen and carbon cycles, and are therefore indispensable for the health of the entire biosphere. Astoundingly,…these soil microorganisms represent about 50 percent of the total biodiversity in terms of numbers of species.”

Using Roundup and compromising the health of fungi and the
mycelium, in particular, is anticipated to cause severe harm to our planet: According to major mycologists,  mycelium are regarded to actually act as a 'network' within the biosphere, and all organisms on earth depend on this mechanism.
Despite all this scientific evidence, the USDA has not taken any action yet to stop this incredible threat posed on the ecological stability of our planet and food supply.

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