Friday, December 9, 2011

Insect Problem with Monsanto GM Corn

A new report released by the EPA reveals a critical problem with genetically modified (GM) Monsanto corn, also known as BT corn:
This August, healthy corn plants in Iowa fields started falling over, and it was found that their roots were damaged by insects called the corn rootworm. What is strange about this incident is that Monsanto GM corn was specifically engineered to kill the corn rootworm.
The EPA report confirmed that these rootworms started developing resistance to the GM corn, and that this has been detected in 4 states (Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Nebraska) so far. Furthermore, they are suspected in 4 other states. The report also points out an “inadequate” monitoring system by Monsanto.
In earlier studies it had been suggested to grow non-GM corn next to GM corn, in order to prevent the development of resistance. It seems that the recommendation of an independent scientific panel to grow at least 50% of non-GM corn as a buffer has not been exactly implemented. Another problem seems to be the lack of an independent monitoring system - as the EPA has so far held Monsanto responsible for its own monitoring.

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