Thursday, October 20, 2011


The history of "sourdough" goes way back, to over 4000 B.C.  For our Manna Organics Sourdough breads, we use ancient Bavarian (the most southern state in Germany) family recipes, to make our delicious and easily digestible breads. This is done with simple organic whole grain flour, filtered water, and plenty of time.

First we create a mixture of whole grain organic flour and water, and rest the dough in a warm and humid environment. Because any ambient air contains naturally occurring yeast spores and friendly bacteria, these get attracted by the water-flour paste, and begin to thrive on the nutritious mix. Over the course of days, they help ferment the dough. What happens during the sourdough fermentation process is a partial conversion of the sugars found in the starchy part of the grain, into lactic acid. Naturally occurring lactobacilli in our water & dough mix produce lactic and acetic acids – hence the unique and rich flavor of our sourdough breads. They also help with the rising of the breads, because the simple sugars in our organic whole flour get partially converted into carbon dioxide and ethanol, which help the bread rise and create the little pores.

Just before baking, we add our unique blend of simple organic bread spices, a pinch of untreated sea salt and, depending on the flavors, sprouted organic seeds and our own organic multigrain blend. We hand shape the loaves and bake them slowly to perfection.

In our breads you will never find dough relaxers, conditioners, added sugars, coloring, commercial yeast, baking powders or aids, or any other additives.

Have we awakened your appetite?

Buy a case of our Bavarian Style Sourdough Bread for only $3.00 per loaf (7 loaves in a case)!

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