Friday, October 21, 2011

Natural vs. Organic - Consumers Misled

The Cornucopia Institute tested several breakfast cereals to compare natural vs. organic.
Organic foods are required to be produced without using any chemicals, pesticides or GMOs. Lately, organic food products found themselves competing with food labeled ‘natural’.  A lot of people believe that ‘natural’ still means that the product is free of pesticides and GMOs.
However:  The USDA found residues of organophosphate pesticides on crops such as corn, soy, wheat flour and oats - which are very common ingredients of breakfast cereals. In recent studies organophosphate pesticides have been linked to many developmental disorders in children.
These pesticides are not allowed in organic produce, but are very commonly used for ingredients of natural products. The word ‘natural’ is mainly being used by the industry for marketing purposes to confuse consumers.
The Cornucopia Institute has also tested cereals by leading natural brands for their GMO content and found that they contained high levels of genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs)!
To learn more about this watch the entire video here:

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